Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kiwi Kick Session

Walking through the breeze a bunch of leaves blew between our legs, “yes kiwi kick here we come” I said in my head.

Every Thursday for 5 weeks our class room 22 and 20 go out on the hard court in front of the junior classes for Kiwi Kick to learn new skills and drills for this term.

Throwing, kicking and passing the balls around we continued to do our skills and drills with the professional coaches. As part of the skills and drills we learned and practised  how to drop punt, aiming then kicking and  how we hold the ball.

After learning what and how Kiwi Kick is like we got a opportunity to play a little game of octopus but using the hand pass technique, altogether with the other class, room 20.  Playing octopus in a big group was abit hard.

Although I felt nervous knowing that we had to play Kiwi Kick, at the end of our session I felt awesome.

The Olympic Flag

The Olympic flag (:

Have you ever wondered about what the rings on the Olympic flag symbolizes? The founder of the Olympic games, Pierre de Coubertin first presented the Olympic flag in Paris, Congress in 1914. It is a symbol to memorialize 20th Anniversary of the modern games. On the flag the five rings represents five continents. On the Olympic flag there are six colour, they have meanings for each colours ( the five continents).    

Valerie Adams

Friday, August 10, 2012

Basketball Session

Do you know what basketball is?
Basketball is a sport we play, where we shoot, just like netball.

Out on the courts our class and room 20 participates in a five or so weeks of basketball sessions. Professional players from the Auckland basketball team come to our school once a week teaching us new skills and drills.

Passing, dribbling and jump stopping with the ball is what we did during our sessions. Run they shouted . It was a relay, "aye you cheated" screamed the other teams. But with no care our team finished with first place.

After that we played a game where we had two groups, one with the ball and the other team running around trying to not get tugged by the other team with the ball. But if you did we had to sit outside of the court waiting for the next round to come

At the end of our sessions we went back to our classes tired but happy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education

Life Education Caravan.

For three days our class, room 22 had a half an hour session in the life education caravan. We learnt about parts of our bodies and different kinds of systems we have, like the circulatory system where the heart is from. What I enjoyed in the caravan was  seeing where our body part are and hat it looks like.

Unfortunately our sessions are over.