Sunday, September 2, 2012

Character Description (:

                                          Antonio my little brother ^^                                 

Chubby little legs, smooth black  silky hair, faded dimples and pink cheeks when he smiles is how I will describe my little brother.  But what shows the most on him is his little face with tiny Chinese brown eyes.

Growing up with little brothers and being close is just like feet and toes being close. Antonio my little brother is such a really angry and impatient person , when his food is not given in time he likes to scream crying without any tears, even not one. He is a fan of wiggling,mostly when he is placed down on the ground. Especially While the music plays in the background.

Eating and drinking then sleeping is what my brother likes to do the most. But Because he doesn’t know how to walk he likes wiggling and hollering around the house, mostly in the living room floor beside his own little playing area on the corner.

Since my little brother was 5 months we’ve enjoyed giggling , going places and lying down on the trampoline . But because he is such a little   but a chubby little  baby we don’t really do everything together, like walking around the house together. Now that Antonio is 6 months turning 7 months he goes to kindergarten. We only see eachother 3 or 4 hours a day.

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  1. Hi Tina,
    That is are really good Character Description about your little brother Antonio what are really good girl. Remember to keep the great work up.

    From Moala. :)