Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Event Day

I couldn’t believe it for the first time, we had a day promised to be filled with excitement.

On Tuesday the 23rd of August we had our own event day for the year seven and eights students of Point England School. It was held on our school bottom field. We had that day to have fun and to be filled with laughter and joy, it made my day.

“Yay” I said to my class, as room twenty and I was playing a game, when we had to use the sponge to get as much water as we can from one bucket to the other, but before that we were slitted into groups of seven. To play the game we had to put each group in one line, then there was a bucket with water in it where that's when we had to get the water from one to the other side using just a sponge. After that we had to keep passing the sponge that was soaked with water to the other side where the other bucket was to get filled. To win the game we had to see which team had filled the other bucket with water in the the empty bucket for 20 minutes. The teams had names they were the yellow, red, green and blue teams. I got picked to be in the yellow team, the winning team of our class.

Our event day had four different activities in each rotation. . My best activity or game was a activity when we had to use a huge slingshot trying to shoot a ball into a holler hoop from the middle of a diamond that was set up just for us. If we had got one ball in them then we had earned our class or team some points. For each hoop they represented different points , the highest point that we tried to get was 200 points, but couldn't happen.

“Ouch” I screamed as my partner and I were tied up together with this rope. We had to try and go to the other side holding a tennis ball on top of a spoon. The game was kind of like a egg race but instead of the egg we used the tennis ball. When me and Kaloni (my partner for the game) got to the end of the race we made it just in time to fall down, I thought that, that part will never had come .My ankles hearted like my grandmother had just pinched me just after wining a race.

At the end our team five students years seven and eights went back to our classes filled with laughter and allot to talk about.


  1. I love the way you have taken time and put in the effort to recraft this Tina. You have used a variety of sentences and added lots of the interesting details to capture the experience for your audience.
    Nice work Tina.
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Tina
    What a very long story you wrote. I like the way you toke your time and put some effort into it. Can't wait to read your next post. Keep it up!