Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Group Scavenger Hunt

Wow! did you know that for the last day of school our class had our own scavenger hunt.At first I was like thinking yay just what I wished for.

Well on the last day of the term our class (room 20) had our own scavenger hunt to see how clever and how our class can cooperate together.But really our teacher was just testing to see if we’ve learnt how to cooperate.

“Yes” I said as we going towards our classes from finishing our riddles.I said smiling to Shaniah “yes I think we are going to win this”, and we did we won the best cooperating team for term 1 . So for the prize we won Easter eggs together with some little jelly aeroplanes,it was yummy.

Even though we were the last people out we still stuck together trying to get riddles done. We were the purple team,so we had to get the purple card that matches our riddle’s. We thought that it was a hard one but when we stuck together and keepped our brains switched on we got it right,and yes we came first.

So we went to classroom happy and safe getting ready to eat our treats.


  1. Great thinking Tina and you're right your group cooperated really well!
    Nice job - I hope you had fun.

    Mrs Nua

  2. Yes I did have fun, by the way thank you for the comment Mrs Nua. I hope we do this again next time, it was awesome.