Friday, December 16, 2011

To the Manaikalani Trust and Stuff

Dear Manaiakalani Trust and staff,

This year I would like to say thank you to all the people that have been helping us with all their hard work. On behalf of Point England we would like to say thank you for all the the stuff you have given to us. Using netbooks has made alot of changes and has made learning alot easier.

Now that we have our netbooks we have been posting more interesting stuff for the world to see. This year I have noticed that having my netbook has made alot of changes to my blog and now that we use the netbooks l have posted more blogs than last year.

Thanks to the the Manaiakalani trust we now can learn in a better and faster way by using netbooks.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Netbook Reflections

This year I have really enjoyed having a Netbook to work on because it is faster to research and easier to do my work on.

Another thing is because we can learn more stuff and find out things faster.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked which is when I am in the middle of doing my work the Internet suddenly becomes offline.

The greatest challenge for me using my netbook is how we have to wait for our Internet to go online. But using our netbooks at school for learning is better then using paper and pen to do our work.

I think if we had to use paper and pen it will not be as fun as using our netbooks because then we are not likely to post more posts on to our blogs.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A cluster is a group of old stars found on the east near the milky way.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My MI Quiz

In my class we have been learning about what smart we are. Well pearing in mind with what smart our beautiful and awesome teacher decided to to take a quiz on a website called Multiple Interlergince. On that site we took a quiz to find out what samrt we are. As a turn out I thought that I was going to be a mathmatic smart. As you can see the picture on top shows you what smart I am.. I am a People Smart.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Typing Results

35 words

free online typing test

This is my result I scored on the first term of school on the Typing Speed Test. I wasn't use to typing from the start but I think this is a good result for a person like me that just wasn't use to typing in. the start of the year

Friday, September 30, 2011

My Short Favorites Poem

I love my dad he’s as strong as an ox , which means that he can protect me.

I like the colour red as I lay on my bed getting fed with crunchy bread.

I love the view of the waves at the beach coming towards us, smash like a bull just seeing the colour red.

I love the sound of music as it goes boom, badoom, boom, boom badoom, boom, he got that super base.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Event Day

I couldn’t believe it for the first time, we had a day promised to be filled with excitement.

On Tuesday the 23rd of August we had our own event day for the year seven and eights students of Point England School. It was held on our school bottom field. We had that day to have fun and to be filled with laughter and joy, it made my day.

“Yay” I said to my class, as room twenty and I was playing a game, when we had to use the sponge to get as much water as we can from one bucket to the other, but before that we were slitted into groups of seven. To play the game we had to put each group in one line, then there was a bucket with water in it where that's when we had to get the water from one to the other side using just a sponge. After that we had to keep passing the sponge that was soaked with water to the other side where the other bucket was to get filled. To win the game we had to see which team had filled the other bucket with water in the the empty bucket for 20 minutes. The teams had names they were the yellow, red, green and blue teams. I got picked to be in the yellow team, the winning team of our class.

Our event day had four different activities in each rotation. . My best activity or game was a activity when we had to use a huge slingshot trying to shoot a ball into a holler hoop from the middle of a diamond that was set up just for us. If we had got one ball in them then we had earned our class or team some points. For each hoop they represented different points , the highest point that we tried to get was 200 points, but couldn't happen.

“Ouch” I screamed as my partner and I were tied up together with this rope. We had to try and go to the other side holding a tennis ball on top of a spoon. The game was kind of like a egg race but instead of the egg we used the tennis ball. When me and Kaloni (my partner for the game) got to the end of the race we made it just in time to fall down, I thought that, that part will never had come .My ankles hearted like my grandmother had just pinched me just after wining a race.

At the end our team five students years seven and eights went back to our classes filled with laughter and allot to talk about.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 Flag Post

This term we have been learning about the Rugby World Cup. So about that we had to learn about the countries that a attending the RWC, I researched about Ireland. The flag above is the Ireland flag. The colors of this flag represents stuff like, for example the green one stands for the native people of Ireland, the white stands for the hope the peace of the unity between them and the orange stands for the Protestants minority.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art with Miss Muliaumasilii

Inspired by a wonderful piece of art we researched about two famous artists Fatu Feu’u and Philip Cairmont.

From the start of the year every Wednesday a wonderful teacher called Miss Muliaumasealii comes to our class and takes us for art where we work on canvases.

When she first came into our class we had to do some research about an artists called Fatu Feu’u and Philip Clairmount. In the research I found out that Fatu Feu’u didn’t copy peoples artwork, he actually got inspiration from other people.

Finally we started our artwork, I was so excited about this. We all had to design our own patterns but we still kept in mind the inspiration of Fatu Feu’u and Philip Clairmount. When we started my friend and I did flowers and got some ideas from the two inspirational artists, for my wonderfully inspired art.

The best part of all was as my partner and I walked towards Miss Muliaumaseali’i and we thought that our art work was going to turn out looking fantastically good. The colours red, green and yellow looked as if they were a rainbow that we see after it rains.

So quickly it was the end, we all felt thankful that it was over. We all had groups. One group had to paint on big canvases, the second group had to work on the little canvases. After all this hard work, we decided that we would set up an art gallery in ‘The Breeze’ at the end of the term.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Tessellation

Did you know that for geometry we have done tessellations of a shape. The first thing we did was that we started with a square, then we drew a shape that started from corner to corner. The picture above is a example that I created of a tessellation.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Feeling so nervous, I sat on the chair getting ready for my injection. I was sacred so I said to myself “oh no”. When the nurses poked the needle in it just felt like a little pinch, that I usually get from my Nana sometimes. First I said to myself in my head “what a great start to the morning”.
Well did you know that on the 2ND of May some of our intermediate students walked up to the hall getting ready for our injections. There were already nurses there.

Before I could comment I thought that our vaccination injection would hurt, but really it didn’t. As I was walking up to watch our movies (so that the nurses can monitor us) I was like ‘Yay it’s over no more nervousness’ .

Finally it was over we all went back to our classes happy and not crying our tears out.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Created Name

Did you know that our team 5 student have had rotations , because at our school we have had themes for each term and our theme for this term is Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger. In our rotations there a five different themes in each class and in room 22 we learnt one theme , it was Creativity. In that class we had to create our names in a different way.The picture above shows you a Chinese and a English version of how to write my name.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our School Netball Year 7 A-Team

Do you know that for that past three weeks of our netball season we have lost three in a row, that is so not cool.

Well every Tuesday our years 6 - 8 netball teams have our own netball games down at the Morrin Road netball courts.

As we had our netball warm up before our netball game I asked our coach Ashley if we were going to win or lose. During our netball game we got the ball to our end of the court just in time for the hooter, then I said “oh man” because we were so close to getting a goal.

During the second quarter I knew that we would have to try our best to win this game, but unfortunately we lost. Even though for the past three weeks we have lost, I think that this week was the best game we have played.

I think that for the focus of our next few games should be on our defence so we can win the rest of our games so that we can get to go to the finals. Our defenders have to defend every ball and the shooters need to shoot the ball into the goal which will mean that they need to practice this more.

Finally it was the end we all went home puffed out and really feeling tired and awesome, luckily no one went home injured and crying.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Wow it was the second day of our class geometry and I found out that the interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. So this picture on the left side of the page is an example of a shape i made out of a triangle . This picture use to be a triangle.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The picture above shows the inventor of a first invented "Camera"
Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Do you know that in 1685 a man called Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented the first ever cameras in the town miles south of Paris. The reason why the camera's were invented, is because artist often reflected on opinions of the painters in their art work however, photos exactly show how an animal or person actually looks like.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wow! it was the best holiday ever watching all the events of my cousin Simons 21st birthday .

But before you wonder what i’ m talking about it was my best day ever. Well on the 30th of April my family and I went down to a hall at a place called Ranui for my cousin's 21st birthday.

The thing that entertained me was when we all dressed up as if we were in the 80’s, but if didn’t wore a costume we were not allowed to go in the party. I was dressed as my Nana cause she always dressed liked she was still in the 80’s. In my head i knew that my Nana would win cause she is a expert.

Getting ready to go up to see who won I wished that my nana’s was their watching

“Yay” it was Finlay the end. We all went home happy and laughing the whole way back to our houses because at the end of the birthday boy had to drink this birthday cup full with red wine.

We all went home tired and filled with allot of joy and laughter.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geometry Translation

In room twenty we have been learning about geometry. So on my picture above we went on our Google docs drawing then we tried to translate our shapes to one place to another . We a also trying to explore what and how translating is. These are the steps I took to making this Translation:
1. We had to go on Google drawing and get a grid to put on.
2. Next we had to draw a shape on our grid, in my case it was a square.
3. After that we had to take a screen shot of our grid and upload it onto our blogs.
4. Last of all I published it on m blog for all of you to see.
I really look forward to learning more about Geometry!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

History of a telephone

On March the 7th , 1876 a person called Alexander Graham Bell invented the first ever telephone. Back then the telephones in those days looked very different to what the telephones today looks like , they were a lot bigger than our one's they also looked very tricky to use, like for a example there were no numbers on it .

The North Shore Torando

Wow! did you know that on the 3rd of May at around 3pm an terrifying tornado hit North Shore looking like a mean beast. That tornado was so serious that it damaged around the central business district taking with the beasts the roof. As I was watching the news the tornado dangerously left up a Philippine workingman and threw him to the other side of the city and got hit on a building getting his head sliced on the head into halves, it so sounded so discussing so that's when I stopped watching the news for the day. But before i can carry on the one in Alabama was bigger than the one here in North Shore.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Group Scavenger Hunt

Wow! did you know that for the last day of school our class had our own scavenger hunt.At first I was like thinking yay just what I wished for.

Well on the last day of the term our class (room 20) had our own scavenger hunt to see how clever and how our class can cooperate together.But really our teacher was just testing to see if we’ve learnt how to cooperate.

“Yes” I said as we going towards our classes from finishing our riddles.I said smiling to Shaniah “yes I think we are going to win this”, and we did we won the best cooperating team for term 1 . So for the prize we won Easter eggs together with some little jelly aeroplanes,it was yummy.

Even though we were the last people out we still stuck together trying to get riddles done. We were the purple team,so we had to get the purple card that matches our riddle’s. We thought that it was a hard one but when we stuck together and keepped our brains switched on we got it right,and yes we came first.

So we went to classroom happy and safe getting ready to eat our treats.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our School Picnic

Observing Mr Burt and Mrs Jarmen having a little conversation I thought as if they were going to have to cancel the picnic because it spitting, but for sure I knew that they wouldn’t do that.

Well on the 26Th of February on a Friday morning our whole Point England students marched all the way to the Point England reserve. The reason why we walked down to the reserve is because that every year we go down to the reserve for a picnic because it part of our Point England School tradition.

My favorite part was when my friends and I all gathered in under the a shady tree having to have our a relaxing time of the day. Just before our relaxing time we had a little morning tea while the music was blasting and while Mr barks having a time of his having his own disco with his little kiddos.

As soon as I looked back I was thinking of going to play some games. So that's is what my friends and I did. We played a game when there were two
teams ,one team well stay on the ground trying to protect and the other team , and the others stays on the top ending up on the bottom of the hill, we fall down by standing on top of the hill then we will fall down rolling down towards the other team. My entrainment for that game was that safely no one fell down getting heart.

A few minutes later my friends and I went to have a sack race . While I was jumping my heavy body made two nasty holes on the bottom of the sack , so that meant that every time I had to jump I had to actually had to walk with my two feet's.

Finely Its was the end we all went home with a lot of laughter,so when I went home I went straight to sleep.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Camp TC Recount

Wow! This was the best Camp ever when I saw that for my tents mates I had Tule my friend. I shouted “yay Tule we are together” and the she was like so do I cear.

Our year 7 and 8 had a nice afternoon having our own camp at our school field . The reason why we had camp is because every year we have camp at school at the start of the year for our school tradition.

First thing we did was that we had to put up our own tents for camp. For the start I was like great what a nice start to the morning with a bored habit pretending that I'm not bored but really it wasn’t .

As soon as we finished we had time to practise our group item for our Camp TC 2011 Concert. Before I could responds,Our leaders Sione and Pulitia dragged me into the frount to dance because from the start i’ve been standing there like I don’t know what I was doing, but really I knew all of them.

I was looking forward to see what we were going to do. So as we were walking by I felt so excited just as I was when I first came to camp.As I was sitting my group and I were wondering what and when a we going to get to the top of the rockup rock climbing. In all the rockup activity's their were a lot of challenges like for the dunk tank there will be three teams competing just like the other games ad one team will have to protect and another has to throw while our team has to stand in a line waiting for our team to go splash into the tank.

After Camp I felt tired and sweaty so when I got home I went straight to sleep.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camp TC Highlight

My highlight for Camp TC was the dunk tank .We had three teams competing so one team had to protect the ball from hitting the target and another team will be the team throwing the balls towards the target . So when a person Hits the target then the person on the tank falls off going in splash into the water.We got to be the first team to be on the tank seat. But the reason why I liked it was because how we got to go in the tank.The most Valuable lesson or thing I learnt from camp was taking charge and about working as a team or corroborating.
nother team throwing the balls

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room 20's favorite shops?

Do you know our class has been learning about statistics. So for maths we all have been making our own spreed sheet so that we can collect all data and then turn into a graph.

With all our data I have learned that 33.3% people like going to Sylvia Park
and the rest like going to Manukau City

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taonga Time

Wow! do you know that every Friday our year sevens and eight gets together for
our “Toanga Time”. It is so interesting how all the year sevens and eights has to work all
together “how interesting”.Well every Fridays in the street we all get together for a little meeting before we all go of to our teams. For five weeks our group is Te Reo Maori with Miss Tito.

First thing we did was we had to wait for Miss Tito to call the roll then we sang a waiata-song. I was so excited at first but then when we got learn more it was alright. In our group from this class was Haijera , Tuipolotu , and myself. It was our first time having Toanga Time for 2011, so that meant that I didn’t what I was going to do.

So after a few minutes we all we all had to write our own mihimihi-greetings on to our netbooks.
I thought that for a few minutes we will be learning more songs but no we were learning how to write our own mihimihi.
be learning more songs but no we were learning how to write our own mi

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

Oh no! Siting down watching a terrifying news broadcast about Christchurch it gets crushed and spitted into half । Rescuers working through the night, they have pulled a lot of people from the rubble after the earthquake । The earthquake has killed more then 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand. Like just imagine if it happened in Auckland I’ll fell sad and shocked. Ever sense the earth quake has happened in Christchurch my family and I always talk about it because it is so sad.