Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wow! it was the best holiday ever watching all the events of my cousin Simons 21st birthday .

But before you wonder what i’ m talking about it was my best day ever. Well on the 30th of April my family and I went down to a hall at a place called Ranui for my cousin's 21st birthday.

The thing that entertained me was when we all dressed up as if we were in the 80’s, but if didn’t wore a costume we were not allowed to go in the party. I was dressed as my Nana cause she always dressed liked she was still in the 80’s. In my head i knew that my Nana would win cause she is a expert.

Getting ready to go up to see who won I wished that my nana’s was their watching

“Yay” it was Finlay the end. We all went home happy and laughing the whole way back to our houses because at the end of the birthday boy had to drink this birthday cup full with red wine.

We all went home tired and filled with allot of joy and laughter.

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