Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our School Netball Year 7 A-Team

Do you know that for that past three weeks of our netball season we have lost three in a row, that is so not cool.

Well every Tuesday our years 6 - 8 netball teams have our own netball games down at the Morrin Road netball courts.

As we had our netball warm up before our netball game I asked our coach Ashley if we were going to win or lose. During our netball game we got the ball to our end of the court just in time for the hooter, then I said “oh man” because we were so close to getting a goal.

During the second quarter I knew that we would have to try our best to win this game, but unfortunately we lost. Even though for the past three weeks we have lost, I think that this week was the best game we have played.

I think that for the focus of our next few games should be on our defence so we can win the rest of our games so that we can get to go to the finals. Our defenders have to defend every ball and the shooters need to shoot the ball into the goal which will mean that they need to practice this more.

Finally it was the end we all went home puffed out and really feeling tired and awesome, luckily no one went home injured and crying.

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  1. I am sure the winning streak will begin soon Tina!
    I'll look forward to the next Netball write up.
    Mrs Nua