Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank you to the Manaiakalani Trust and Stuff

Thank You To The The Manaiakalani Trust and Stuff.

It is the end of the year, and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Manaiakalani Trust and members. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have been learning and working with these netbooks. Thanks to the Manaiakalani trust for everything and for making our learning better, easier and much more fun.

What I enjoyed about having netbooks was that our learning was easier and we learnt new stuff.  Other than learning there were games I enjoyed, they were Super tux and Quadrapassel.

My highlight for having netbooks is that we can keep using netbooks until College, it depends on what college you go to though. Having netbooks is cool, we learn and find out new things everyday.


Monday, November 26, 2012

X Factor Coming To New Zealand (:

Have you ever dreamed to be on a t.v show, performing? well this year is a great time to practise for X Factor next year.
Next year there will be a famous t.v show called the X FACTOR. X factor will be coming to New Zealand. People from New Zealand over the age of 14 , will be able to audition and to show the world their talent.
The judge's haven't been decided yet, only one though. Guy Subatian has been picked so far.

The Bush Walk.

It was one of those days in the middle of the year where people go out looking and roaming in the bushes to find strange monsters or creatures. Even if it was raining or if it was a sunny day, they will already be packing. This time it was raining, a girl called Cecilia went out hunting at the bushes with her friend Hainite.

“Hurry up” shouted Cecilia holding the umbrella. They were in the middle of this place where all you saw was bushes and trees, “wait I’m nearly there “ Hainite shouted back. They were in the middle of the bush walk where all you could’ve heard was birds up in the trees, other hunters with their dogs and hissing sounds coming from the other side of the bush walk.

Different sounds in their walk kept on getting scarier and scarier. “Hainite do you hear that?”, Cecilia whispered , “what do you hear?” asked Hainite. Sounds from the bushes started getting louder and louder hiiisss hisss snakes from the trees were  hanging down the branches. “Did you hear that though?” Cecilia whispered again, and still Hainite answered back “no”.

Then they kept on walking, they made it to the other side, where people believed, they thought were all the strange monsters and ugly creatures were. “maybe they are somehow in big caves” Hainite thought. “hahahaha” Cecilia laughed and suggested they should sit down in this big rock and have lunch.

They sat down, “RAAAAH” they heard something from the back, they turned around , and yet saw nothing. They both thought they were dreaming, so then just carried on eating. Something ran past on the other side of the bush and they went to check it out.

They walked and walked, “where is it ” Hainite said with big silly eyes, “it was just a ostridge” Cecilia replied. It just wanted some food, they called the ostridge “Kaloni” . Cecilia and Hainite gave it some food and believed that what they heard about the scary monsters and creatures was just people using their imagination.

“Lets go home now” they said to each other and they exit the bush walk thinking it was a waste of time. But really a good exercise.

THE END (:   

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Toy Plan (:

This term our topic for the whole school is "Toy Story".  As part of that topic we have been given projects to do. Our project is to make a toy for someone at the end of the year for Christmas. On that toy one of the parts has to be able to move, we have to do that if we want a higher mark on our rubric. Above is my little presentation and my plan of what I'll be making.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Favourite Toy (=

In school this term our topic is "TOY STORY". Our class had to animate and write something that describes what our toy is, what it looks like and other stuff such as where we got it from and when we had it. Above is my animation of what my favourite toy looks like and what it name is... ENJOY (=

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Character Description (:

                                          Antonio my little brother ^^                                 

Chubby little legs, smooth black  silky hair, faded dimples and pink cheeks when he smiles is how I will describe my little brother.  But what shows the most on him is his little face with tiny Chinese brown eyes.

Growing up with little brothers and being close is just like feet and toes being close. Antonio my little brother is such a really angry and impatient person , when his food is not given in time he likes to scream crying without any tears, even not one. He is a fan of wiggling,mostly when he is placed down on the ground. Especially While the music plays in the background.

Eating and drinking then sleeping is what my brother likes to do the most. But Because he doesn’t know how to walk he likes wiggling and hollering around the house, mostly in the living room floor beside his own little playing area on the corner.

Since my little brother was 5 months we’ve enjoyed giggling , going places and lying down on the trampoline . But because he is such a little   but a chubby little  baby we don’t really do everything together, like walking around the house together. Now that Antonio is 6 months turning 7 months he goes to kindergarten. We only see eachother 3 or 4 hours a day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kiwi Kick Session

Walking through the breeze a bunch of leaves blew between our legs, “yes kiwi kick here we come” I said in my head.

Every Thursday for 5 weeks our class room 22 and 20 go out on the hard court in front of the junior classes for Kiwi Kick to learn new skills and drills for this term.

Throwing, kicking and passing the balls around we continued to do our skills and drills with the professional coaches. As part of the skills and drills we learned and practised  how to drop punt, aiming then kicking and  how we hold the ball.

After learning what and how Kiwi Kick is like we got a opportunity to play a little game of octopus but using the hand pass technique, altogether with the other class, room 20.  Playing octopus in a big group was abit hard.

Although I felt nervous knowing that we had to play Kiwi Kick, at the end of our session I felt awesome.

The Olympic Flag

The Olympic flag (:

Have you ever wondered about what the rings on the Olympic flag symbolizes? The founder of the Olympic games, Pierre de Coubertin first presented the Olympic flag in Paris, Congress in 1914. It is a symbol to memorialize 20th Anniversary of the modern games. On the flag the five rings represents five continents. On the Olympic flag there are six colour, they have meanings for each colours ( the five continents).    

Valerie Adams

Friday, August 10, 2012

Basketball Session

Do you know what basketball is?
Basketball is a sport we play, where we shoot, just like netball.

Out on the courts our class and room 20 participates in a five or so weeks of basketball sessions. Professional players from the Auckland basketball team come to our school once a week teaching us new skills and drills.

Passing, dribbling and jump stopping with the ball is what we did during our sessions. Run they shouted . It was a relay, "aye you cheated" screamed the other teams. But with no care our team finished with first place.

After that we played a game where we had two groups, one with the ball and the other team running around trying to not get tugged by the other team with the ball. But if you did we had to sit outside of the court waiting for the next round to come

At the end of our sessions we went back to our classes tired but happy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Education

Life Education Caravan.

For three days our class, room 22 had a half an hour session in the life education caravan. We learnt about parts of our bodies and different kinds of systems we have, like the circulatory system where the heart is from. What I enjoyed in the caravan was  seeing where our body part are and hat it looks like.

Unfortunately our sessions are over.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Paradise" in my world



My favourite place for my artwork is the local swimming pools in Panmure (swimarama). Swimarama is my favourite place because when we go there every time my family and I are free we all get to enjoy ourselves and play with eachother.

The artist I picked was Claude Monet. The style of Claude Monet suits my picture of how we mix and change the colours from going dark to light . Claude Monet ‘s style is using dots when using colours the blinding.
My finishing touch did not turn out the same as my picture. The fading  and the blending was too dark.  But what turned out good in my painting was that I stuck to the technique of Claude Monet and carried on using the dots and blending with the colours.

The picture above on the bottom is what I choose to paint. As you can see the painting on the top is what I created using the technique of Claude Monet .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Artistic Styles

Fauvism is a used by French artists. The style of fauvism is painted and is known with intense colours and vigorous brushstrokes. Fauvism became more popular from 1905 to 1907. 
Fauvism means “wild beast” in French because of the unusual boldness of their styles. By about 1907 some artist that used fauvism changed their styles of painting. They had been influenced throughout Europe .

in order to do fauvism u will need to squeeze out bright colors straight out of a tube of paint. Fauvism began in a exhibition in Paris in the early 20th century.

Cubism is a style of painting created in the 20th century by Pablo Picasso and another famous artist, in Spain. In order to do this style of art you will have to break up images and paint it in one canvas or paper stuck together, like are collage. The reason why cubism is broken up to pieces and drawn into one is to show what a face looks like from another perspective with details.

Post Impressionist used by British artists were characterized by bright colors, sharp and outlined edges. Post impressionist wasn’t a formal movement or painting style. Artists who used this style was focused on the emotional and symbolic elements to paint. The technique used for this style was tiny dots or stroke of colours.

Today new artist continue to emerge and to develop.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taonga Time 2012

Every Fridays after morning tea, team five rotates to other classes for taonga time in little groups. Taonga time is one the things we do as a team for school.
Well last Friday the class i went into was music with Mr Jacobson for 2 hours. For music we have to make up beats on garageband. On garageband we add in different instruments making the sounds blend in.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Van Gogh Artwork

Vincent Van Gogh artwork.

In room 22 we have been painting and sketching artwork's that Vincent Van Gogh has drew in the past. This time we drew a close up sunflower using his technique. The picture above shows what we did and what the technique looks like. Vincent Van Gogh 's style in painting is little strokes but a normal background painting long strokes.  

Friday, May 4, 2012


In class this term we had to make a presentation using the word Portrait. In the presentation we wrote a sentence together with the  word portrait and wrote what the word means .

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Immersion Art - Claude Monet

Claude Oscar Monet

Claude Monet an impressionist was born on November 14th in the eighteenth century in Paris. In 1845, 5 years after he was born Claude Monet and his family moved to Le Havre, France, to live with his father.

Inspired by his artwork we got to create our own paintings using  his technique. The technique we had to do was to paint doing dots or little strokes. We Drew anything we liked.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van gogh a dutch painter was one of most famous painters, that  had little recognition.He only sold one of  his artwork in his lifetime.

Van Gogh was born on March 30th 1853 in Groot, Zundert, near breda, Nederland (Holland) . At the age of 16 Vincent moved to Hague ( the capital city of the Netherlands) and worked as a employer for his uncle’s art dealer. Later after that his brother Theo became a art dealer too. In 1878 Van Gogh became a preacher in the Southwestern of Belgium.

The photo above is one of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting of him.

My 2012 Goal's

My Goals.

In reading my learning goal is to read and to under stand what the story is about. To achieve this goal I need too read the book really carefully.

In writing my goal is to make my sentences make sense. To achieve this goal I need to think before I write.

In maths my goal it to know my timetables and to know how to add decimals. To achieve my goal I will have to memorize my timetables.

My goal for this year around the school is to use good manners as well as being a good role model.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp 2012

Camp Highlight.

For camp this year my highlight was seeing the warriors at swimarama. My other highlight was falling off my kayak when I just got on it. Another activity I enjoyed was playing old skool games with Mr Harris .My low light was running around in amazing race.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Class Statistics

In Room 22 we have been learning about Statistics. For Statistics we had to ask our class of what colours and things we like doing better. I had to ask the class what colours they like and write it into a document we had to create. After writing the things down we had to put it in this spreadsheet where you can make a chart. The Picture above is what I made. It shows that Blue is the most popular colour in room 22.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


For 2012 our school, Point England School are focusing on what respect looks like . The picture above shows you what respect means to me. The person on the right hand side is meant to show when people are talking you are meant to be quite and wait for your turn. But the left hand side person shows that when you want to talk you are meant to put ur hand up and wait for your turn.

Using Netbooks For 2012

It is 2012 and for this year our school year fives to year eights are gonna be using netbooks for our education tool. ever since the holidays some of us students has been leaving our netbooks here at school for our teachers to look after. Having netbooks for our education tool has made us learn new things, find things faster and has made learning easier.

Using Netbooks For 2012

It is 2012 and for this year our school year fives to year eights are gonna be using netbooks for our education tool. ever since the holidays some of us students has been leaving our netbooks here at school for our teachers to look after. Having netbooks for our education tool has made us learn new things, find things faster and has made learning easier.

All About Me

I was born in the women's Auckland Hospital. I “LOOOOOOOOVE” chocolate. My favourite colour is Purple and Red.