Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Paradise" in my world



My favourite place for my artwork is the local swimming pools in Panmure (swimarama). Swimarama is my favourite place because when we go there every time my family and I are free we all get to enjoy ourselves and play with eachother.

The artist I picked was Claude Monet. The style of Claude Monet suits my picture of how we mix and change the colours from going dark to light . Claude Monet ‘s style is using dots when using colours the blinding.
My finishing touch did not turn out the same as my picture. The fading  and the blending was too dark.  But what turned out good in my painting was that I stuck to the technique of Claude Monet and carried on using the dots and blending with the colours.

The picture above on the bottom is what I choose to paint. As you can see the painting on the top is what I created using the technique of Claude Monet .

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  1. Hi Tina you did a really cool painting.I also like your Writing you are good at writing.I can't wait to read your other blog post.

    By Alexandria.J