Monday, November 26, 2012

The Bush Walk.

It was one of those days in the middle of the year where people go out looking and roaming in the bushes to find strange monsters or creatures. Even if it was raining or if it was a sunny day, they will already be packing. This time it was raining, a girl called Cecilia went out hunting at the bushes with her friend Hainite.

“Hurry up” shouted Cecilia holding the umbrella. They were in the middle of this place where all you saw was bushes and trees, “wait I’m nearly there “ Hainite shouted back. They were in the middle of the bush walk where all you could’ve heard was birds up in the trees, other hunters with their dogs and hissing sounds coming from the other side of the bush walk.

Different sounds in their walk kept on getting scarier and scarier. “Hainite do you hear that?”, Cecilia whispered , “what do you hear?” asked Hainite. Sounds from the bushes started getting louder and louder hiiisss hisss snakes from the trees were  hanging down the branches. “Did you hear that though?” Cecilia whispered again, and still Hainite answered back “no”.

Then they kept on walking, they made it to the other side, where people believed, they thought were all the strange monsters and ugly creatures were. “maybe they are somehow in big caves” Hainite thought. “hahahaha” Cecilia laughed and suggested they should sit down in this big rock and have lunch.

They sat down, “RAAAAH” they heard something from the back, they turned around , and yet saw nothing. They both thought they were dreaming, so then just carried on eating. Something ran past on the other side of the bush and they went to check it out.

They walked and walked, “where is it ” Hainite said with big silly eyes, “it was just a ostridge” Cecilia replied. It just wanted some food, they called the ostridge “Kaloni” . Cecilia and Hainite gave it some food and believed that what they heard about the scary monsters and creatures was just people using their imagination.

“Lets go home now” they said to each other and they exit the bush walk thinking it was a waste of time. But really a good exercise.

THE END (:   

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