Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our School Picnic

Observing Mr Burt and Mrs Jarmen having a little conversation I thought as if they were going to have to cancel the picnic because it spitting, but for sure I knew that they wouldn’t do that.

Well on the 26Th of February on a Friday morning our whole Point England students marched all the way to the Point England reserve. The reason why we walked down to the reserve is because that every year we go down to the reserve for a picnic because it part of our Point England School tradition.

My favorite part was when my friends and I all gathered in under the a shady tree having to have our a relaxing time of the day. Just before our relaxing time we had a little morning tea while the music was blasting and while Mr barks having a time of his having his own disco with his little kiddos.

As soon as I looked back I was thinking of going to play some games. So that's is what my friends and I did. We played a game when there were two
teams ,one team well stay on the ground trying to protect and the other team , and the others stays on the top ending up on the bottom of the hill, we fall down by standing on top of the hill then we will fall down rolling down towards the other team. My entrainment for that game was that safely no one fell down getting heart.

A few minutes later my friends and I went to have a sack race . While I was jumping my heavy body made two nasty holes on the bottom of the sack , so that meant that every time I had to jump I had to actually had to walk with my two feet's.

Finely Its was the end we all went home with a lot of laughter,so when I went home I went straight to sleep.

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