Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art with Miss Muliaumasilii

Inspired by a wonderful piece of art we researched about two famous artists Fatu Feu’u and Philip Cairmont.

From the start of the year every Wednesday a wonderful teacher called Miss Muliaumasealii comes to our class and takes us for art where we work on canvases.

When she first came into our class we had to do some research about an artists called Fatu Feu’u and Philip Clairmount. In the research I found out that Fatu Feu’u didn’t copy peoples artwork, he actually got inspiration from other people.

Finally we started our artwork, I was so excited about this. We all had to design our own patterns but we still kept in mind the inspiration of Fatu Feu’u and Philip Clairmount. When we started my friend and I did flowers and got some ideas from the two inspirational artists, for my wonderfully inspired art.

The best part of all was as my partner and I walked towards Miss Muliaumaseali’i and we thought that our art work was going to turn out looking fantastically good. The colours red, green and yellow looked as if they were a rainbow that we see after it rains.

So quickly it was the end, we all felt thankful that it was over. We all had groups. One group had to paint on big canvases, the second group had to work on the little canvases. After all this hard work, we decided that we would set up an art gallery in ‘The Breeze’ at the end of the term.

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